Storm damage?
Sometimes natural causes can damage your timber. Don’t let it go to waste! Rotting timber is rotting value. Let Tri-State assess the mess and establish a salvage to minimize your losses!

Plantation Management
Pine plantations are a simple way to provide landowners with a great investment. Returns from the timber are usually generated at years 17, 25, and 35. We can help you manage an existing plantation, or establish one for you.

Considering a harvest?
Greenbelt plans Tri-State Forestry has extensive experience in timber sales. We have developed relationships with timber buyers and logging crews

Property line marking
A well-marked property line can help prevent legal disputes and deter trespassers, as well as enhance overall property value. Our marking method is guaranteed to last 10 years before needing to re-apply. Don’t know where your lines are? We can help identify them for you.

Invasive plant control
We can help landowners in controlling or eradicating invasive plants through spraying, burning, or mechanical treatments.

Please call (423) 775-6509 or email if we can be of service.